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Born in 1985 in Liaoning province, Vega Zaishi Wang moved to Shenzhen with her parents when she was just 8 years old, and left China at the tender age of 16 to move to London to study fashion design. For the next six years, Vega studied at both the London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martins, during which time she interned for Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood. All of these experiences, combined with the infectious charisma of British culture, inspired Vega to push her creativity to a brand new level… so in 2008, she returned to China to establish her eponymous brand VEGA ZAISHI WANG. As a recent graduate, Vega was quickly recognized as one of China’s leading designers in terms of both originality and quality. Most products are hand-made with fabrics sourced from across Asia and Europe. Her aesthetic certainly reflects her cultural heritage but is also largely influenced by her time spent in the UK; the shapes and silhouettes are slightly exaggerated, but she focuses specifically on a purity of tone, exceptional hand-craftsmanship, and a quiet charm that has already resonated with clients around the world. After nine years, she has developed herself alongside her label to become the distinctive, independent, self-contained, and powerful woman that the VEGA ZAISHI WANG brand represents. Her unique passion and understanding of sub-cultures empower her to imbue her clothing with determined yet emotional characteristics. This engaging harmony creates peace between the human form and the abstract geometries of her clothing, which is a feature that has made her designs very popular amongst similarly-minded females, including the many celebrities who have already endorsed this young designer.



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VZW for The Creators Project

Since her graduation from Central Saint Martins in 2008, Beijing-based fashion designer Vega Wang has drawn on her fascination with light, finding captivating and unconventional ways to incorporate it into her designs. Early on, the bioluminescence of deep sea life inspired her to augment fabric with organic animations brought to life by electroluminescence (EL), a tip-off from her parents who are both electrical engineers. Her newest line Alpha Lyrae continues her exploration of EL in clothing, this time deriving her inspiration not from the deep sea, but instead from deep space. Wang’s first name “Vega” refers to one of the brightest stars in our night sky, a heavenly body also referred to as Alpha Lyrae. With this eight-dress collection of luminescent designs, Wang tells the story of the universe from beginning to end. The collection debuted in September at The Creators Project: Beijing 2012 in collaboration with UFO Media Lab, electronic musician and Creator Zhang Shouwang, and Top Right Optoelectronics Ltd, with support from The Creators Project. Though the dresses are real-life creations, we can imagine them on virtual fashion icons like Lula, Hatsune Miku, or even on TRON’s Quorra.

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Galeries Lafayette

Xicheng District, 110 Xidan N St, 4th Fl.
北京西城区单北大街 110 号,四楼



Gongyeyuan District, 456 Suzhou E Ave, 1st Fl.
苏州工业园区苏州大道东路 456 号一楼


Round Round

Nanjing: Gulou District, 7-4 Chenjurenxiang
江苏省南京市鼓楼区沈举人巷 7-4


Si He

Jinjiang District, 1 Kejiaxiang, Bldg 1, No. 3
成都市锦江区科甲巷 1 号第一城 1 楼 3 号

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Vogue Italia
During her visit to the Orient, Editor-in-Chief Franca Sozzani is selecting young emerging designers. Here for you are the next generation of Chinese designers. The brand named after Vega Zaishi Wang was launched on the same day of the graduation of the fashion designer who currently lives and works in Beijing but grew up in Shenzhen. In 2008, following a degree in Fashion Design from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Vega started working on her own collection as well as collaborating with ELMIN8. Her starting point is a study on the purity of tones and a balance of proportions with special attention to details also playing a fundamental role. Last year, she opened the first boutique selling her own designs in Beijing.


Cool Hunting
As her name would suggest, Beijing-based designer and 2008 Central St. Martins graduate Vega Zaishi Wang is definitely among the brightest stars of China’s fashion scene. Coincidentally, she developed a love for experimenting with light and luminous clothing as a way to get closer to her parents, who are both electrical engineers. They ultimately encouraged her to opt for electroluminescent fabric (EL), which is commonly used in car dashboards and signage displays, instead of LED, whose circuit boards were too thick for clothing.


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Alternative Beijing
Vega Zaichi Wang is one of China’s brightest fashion designers on the rise. Her dramatic, instantly-recognizable collections (women’s only, for now) echo military fashion and menswear, and are informed by Vega’s own experiences. Be it growing up as a tomboy, studying abroad, unexpected inspiration (off-camera, she told us about a former employee who once inspired an entire line), or her fascination with the arcane, Vega weaves every aspect of herself into her work. We visited the tattooed, pint-sized designer in her brand-new hutong studio, where the downstairs showroom awed us with numerous displays of impeccably-tailored clothes. Taxidermia and antique scissors decorate Vega’s private upstairs office, with a balcony overlooking the stone maze of bustling, sunlit alleyways below – this is where we set up shop.


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