Wanbing Huang, Fall/​Winter 2017


Wan­bing Huang launched her eponym­ous label in 2016 after study­ing at Cent­ral Saint Mar­tins and work­ing for Celine and Issey Miyake. Wan­bing was also selec­ted as a final­ist for the “Raw Tal­ent” award in 2015.

The unique design lan­guage of Wan­bing Huang is a com­bin­a­tion of per­form­ance art and human form mer­ging with tex­tile and gar­ment con­struc­tion. Her col­lec­tions are deep stud­ies of the exist­ing issues with­in the con­tem­por­ary soci­ety, not only express­ing the emo­tions con­tained in indi­vidu­als but also the intim­ate con­nec­tion between humans.


黃婉冰就读于中央圣马丁艺术学院女装设计,曾入围 RAW TAL­ENT 15 决赛,16 年在伦敦创立其同名品牌。先后在知名品牌 CELINE 和 ISSEY MIYAKE 实习的她,擅长运用特殊的材质作为设计语言的一部分,将时装结构和实验面料的肌理融合,去实现人体与行为艺术不可切割的关系。WANBING HUANG 借此探讨从社会个体的情绪,人与人之间的情感交流,到当下存在社会现状等问题,引起穿衣者的深度思考。

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