Atelier Rouge Pékin PURE GOLD Broken Star Necklace

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This "broken" yet resilient star is so iconic to the ARP brand that it has actually become their logo.




It took two years of research and development to bring the collection to life, which was first released in 2014 using semi-precious metals... but now in a CFB1 EXCLUSIVE, we are proud to announce that a limited quantity will be re-issued in PURE 18K GOLD.

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ARP is one of only a hand­ful of brands still loc­ated in Beijing, which has afforded them a unique prox­im­ity to Chinese cul­ture and art. They are thus not only fash­ion design­ers, but also act­ive par­ti­cipants in the cre­ation of con­tem­por­ary Chinese aes­thet­ics by mod­ern­iz­ing social­ist and gen­er­ic aes­thet­ics found in China’s recent sar­tori­al his­tory. The design duo uses cer­tain products such as this broken star neck­lace as a way to mater­i­al­ize a reflec­tion of China upon itself.

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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 2 x 2 x 2 cm