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Five years ago Vega Zaishi Wang was sponsored by The Creators Project to create a collection of electroluminescent dresses, and for the first time they are exclusively available on CFB1 as custom orders.

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Vega’s parents are electrical engineers and she used the collection as a way to combine her work with that of her parents.

The electroluminescent panels are now second generation, meaning they are flexible and lighter than those she used in her thesis collection (below). EL panels have no single light source and are thus evenly lit and provide a futuristic blue glow, while white “blackout” fabric ensures crisp, clean lines.

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Named after one of the brightest starts in the solar system, Xiamen-based fashion designer Vega Zaishi Wang has always wanted to design a collection inspired by the universe. Her Alpha Lyrae capsule collection premiered in September at The Creators Project: Beijing 2012 in collaboration with musician Zhang Shouwang and UFO Media Lab, who designed a projection-mapped environment for the electroluminescent dresses.



Vega Zaishi Wang studied womenswear at the illustrious Central Saint Martins where her final thesis collection experimented with first generation EL panels, which she layered to create GIF-like animations.


You can watch more about the collection here:

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