Helen Lee Triple Layer Raincoat

$ 750

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This coat was first released in the Spring of 2012 and is being re-issued exclusively on CFB1.

Fashion changes quickly, but for us, good design only gets better with time. Although we’ve reviewed hundreds of fashion shows in China, this piece has always stuck out to us as unique, innovative, and functionally waterproof!


It’s like being able to buy a piece of history, so don’t miss out on yours!!

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This coat is a study in everyday materials put together in an innovative way. The material is an embroidered mesh layer underneath clear, flexible PVC, resulting in a coat that is not only functional but also fun!! The pockets are sewn on the mesh layer inside, so even though everyone will know what you’re carrying at least it will all be dry!

Rainy days no longer have to be all gloom and doom.

Helen Lee 6

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