Reclothing Bank’s “REBIRTH” Fashion Show

Recloth­ing Bank was estab­lished by design­er Zhang Na, an inde­pend­ent fash­ion design­er and founder of the Chinese brand Fake Natoo. Recloth­ing means remak­ing and redesign­ing second hand clothes, while Bank means a plat­form for cir­cu­la­tion and exchange of old mater­i­als. It is about util­iz­ing design to give life to old gar­ments.

Recloth­ing Bank works with the Amer­ic­an pub­lic ser­vice organ­iz­a­tion FOR THE PLAN­ET and donates 1% of sales to pub­lic envir­on­ment­al pro­tec­tion pro­grams in China. With the sup­port of con­sumers world­wide, Recloth­ing Bank aims to avoid waste through the rebirth of fash­ion.

Watch this recap of Recloth­ing Bank’s recent show entitled REBIRTH :