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Poesia (a word meaning “poetry”) is a line of womenswear founded by Chris Chang. Her creations draw inspiration from children’s dolls, cartoon caricatures, the idyllic world of birds, the microscopic realm of insects, traditional garbs from around the world, costumes of Mongolia and Yunnan ethnic tribes, the clothing of her own Peruvian ancestry, and the pageantry of Kunqu with its contrast of brilliant colors set against muted pastel backgrounds. The juxtaposition of the extremes between east and west, classic and avant-garde, glamour and demure, boisterousness and silence are not only a revelation of the personality of the designer but also the constant elements in her designs.

At heart, Chang’s fanciful creations offer a chance to experience the joy, fantasy, and glamour that there is so little of in the mundane world. They are the embodiment of a vision that everyone once had as a child but which we lose as time goes on. Her work is the result of an inner world which treads from real to the surreal and a fascination with symbols and icons of her childhood dreams. Chang draws a parallel between women dressing for maximum glamor and a peacock that may not spread its feathers all of the time, but when it does it’s a moment to be remembered.

Educated at the prestigious Parson School of Design, Chang followed her formal fashion education with eight years as General Manager of Prada Taiwan. Poesia began life as a line for young girls, before morphing into its current incarnation as a womenswear line.

Chang now calls Shanghai – a city as modern and vibrant as she is – home. China’s financial capital is undergoing a style metamorphoses, as its women increasingly take their style queues from an international point of view. For a woman, and artist, such as Chang, it’s a city of endless possibilities.



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MAC x Chris Chang


Chris Chang recently became the first designer in China to collaborate with MAC, delivering a collection inspired by color, maximalism, and “Kunqu Madness”:

China’s most outlandish fashion designer puts an acid-soaked twist on her modern M·A·C collection, featuring a vivid kaleidoscope of cutting-edge colour, inspired by the ancient Chinese art form Kunqu. Surreal hues of Lipstick, Cream Colour Base and Eye Shadow, and specially designed packaging, are saturated in her signature dramatic flair.

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What they're saying about Poesia
Vogue China

Designer Focus: Chris Chang

Poesia by Chris Chang,一个来自上海的女装品牌,她的服装凝聚着设计师张文轩对线条、轮廓、面料和细节的独特领悟,以及对于色彩和图案的自信游戏。简单的穿着与极富 冲击力的视觉,是 Poesia by Chris Chang 为具有高尚品味的时髦现代女性提供的服饰解答。正如品牌名 Poesia 在意大利语中的含义“诗”所提示的:Poesia 女装是现代都市女性诗一般的浪漫想象力,与诗意的温柔情绪的合而为一。设计师张文轩 Chris Chang 是精通时装设计的专家。她毕业于著名的 Parsons School of Design 设计学院,1992 年从美国返台,自创女装品牌 KEYEYEFIVE,迅速在台湾时装界赢得盛名。1996 年,有感于台湾时装界的狭小空间和生产能力,以及自己在经营品牌能力上的欠缺,张文轩接受台湾 Joyce 聘任,成为 Prada 和 Issey Miyake 的采购经理。1998 年,张文轩被 Prada 聘为台湾地区总经理,在任 8 年,主持了台湾所有 Prada 专卖店的设立和经营,这些专卖店至今仍经营着。

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Chris Chang Eyes Local Growth

For designer Chris Chang, business in China is an act of balancing identity.

“I want to be viewed as a fashion brand instead of a Chinese brand or a Chinese designer,” she said. “I don’t want to stress that I am Chinese. I don’t want to street that I am not Chinese.”

The creative mind behind eight-year-old Shanghai-based fashion brand Poesia, which just opened its first store here, said she wants her label to be seen as both international and “homegrown.”

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On China: Fashion & Style

In this half-hour, host Kristie Lu Stout tackles everything from the influence of China’s First Lady Peng Liyuan, to whether Chinese designers will ever be able to compete on the international stage with brands like Chanel, Prada, or Burberry. We also hit the runway at Shanghai Fashion Week to get a front row glimpse of leaders in Chinese home-grown design.

With Chris Chang, Hung Huang, and Andrew Keith

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