Nowness Presents : Gods Of The Underworld

The Guanjiang Shou scare off bad spirits with the help of some fierce makeup, elaborate dressing-up and firecrackers.

One night in neon-lit Taipei. The city’s Guanji­ang Shou, the cere­mo­ni­al mil­it­ary lead­ers of the Under­world who scare off bad spir­its using fierce makeup, elab­or­ate cos­tumes and fire­crack­ers. Most of Taipei’s Taoist temples are con­nec­ted to the mafia — oper­ated by cash dona­tions and remain­ing tax exempt — hence many of the boys who per­form the Guanji­ang Shou ritu­al are in fact debt col­lect­ors, boun­cers or body­guards in daily life.

Dir­ec­ted by Seoul-based pho­to­grapher and Cre­at­ive Dir­ect­or Au Matt, known for his work with pub­lic­a­tions such as Vogue Korea, this fash­ion short­film was shot guer­ril­la-style in 25 hours. Styl­ist Lin Xiu­wei uses clothes from Louis Vuit­ton, Chanel and Loewe.

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