Museum of Friendship, Fall/​Winter 2017

Museum of Friend­ship is a Lon­don based womenswear brand foun­ded by Momo Wang, launched in Feb­ru­ary 2014. Museum of Friendship’s design col­lects and reflects unfor­get­table memor­ies, emo­tions and exper­i­ences that are exclus­ively shared between ‘girl­friends’. The designs nar­rate the stor­ies of the girls. As they dress up and grow up togeth­er in Museum of Friend­ship, every single piece that they have worn will become the wit­ness of a pre­cious story about friend­ship.

Momo Wang is a Cent­ral Saint Mar­tins gradu­ate, a recip­i­ent of second run­ner-up at the L’Oréal Pro­fes­sion­al Tal­ent Awards 2011. She also won the Tex­t­print Award in the same year. Pri­or to launch­ing MOF, Momo presen­ted vari­ous craft col­lec­tions, all were well received. These exper­i­ence and expos­ures gen­er­ated pub­li­city and a sub­stan­tial amount of fol­low­ing /​customer base in China.


王天墨,出生于辽宁锦州。2008 年考入英国中央圣马丁艺术与设计学院学习服装设计与印花专业。2011 年毕业作品入选中央圣马丁毕业 Press Show,获得学院三等奖。之后的两年她开始制作一些有趣的项目寻找方向建立团队,并于 2014 年在伦敦建立了品牌 Museum of Friendship,作品开始在伦敦和巴黎时装周展示发布。2015 年墨墨在她的家乡锦州也建立了“友谊博物馆”MOF STUDIO。现在王天墨往返伦敦巴黎锦州进行设计发布和团队一起成长,她相信在网络发达的今天,设计师可以在任何地方设立工作室,而环境的不停变化也会给设计带来更多有趣的灵感碰撞。现在 MOF 系列产品已在 Open­ing Cere­mony, 10 Cor­so Como, 栋梁等中外多家买手店销售。

MOF 的设计来源于收集朋友之间的不同记忆,微妙的情感和一些特别的经历。设计讲述的是女孩们的故事。随着他们在友谊博物馆中的成长,每一件他们穿过的衣服都将成为珍贵的友情故事的见证。

Text from Labelhood’s Offi­cial Web­site

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