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This 这 is 是 Audrey :

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Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Audrey star­ted trav­el­ing with her fam­ily at a very young age, piquing her interest in learn­ing about new cul­tures and dis­cov­er­ing unique loc­al styles. At 18, she star­ted spend­ing her sum­mer vaca­tions in Beijing study­ing Chinese, which opened the door to a new side of the world that had been so for­eign to her before. Want­ing to fully immerse her­self and become a part of China’s rap­idly grow­ing fash­ion industry, Audrey offi­cially moved there upon gradu­at­ing from uni­ver­sity in 2014.

生于加拿大的蒙特利尔,Audrey 自小就开始与她的家人去世界各地旅游,而这也开始培养了她对其他文化的浓厚兴趣。她特别喜欢发掘每个地方独特的当地风格。18 岁的时候,Audrey 开始用她暑假的空档去北京学习中文,而这也从此引领她走入了一个新世界。2014 年大学毕业后,为了想要参与并融入中国的时尚行业,并第一线见证其行业的快速成长,她决定搬到中国。

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Ser­i­ously 棒 is a bilin­gual (EN/CN) fash­ion and life­style blog that launched in 2015, when Audrey was between jobs and wanted to build a cre­at­ive out­let to express her per­son­al style, as well as share spe­cial fash­ion finds and dif­fer­ent places with people not only loc­ally, but also back at home.

《Ser­i­ously 棒》是 2015 年创建的双语(英/中)时尚与生活博客。起初,Audrey 在寻找新工作的过程时,决定用她空闲的时间来探索自己的创意,而这个博客也从此诞生。她寻找到了她独特的方式去诠释并与大家分享她的个人风格。她希望与蒙特利尔及上海一起探讨她新的时尚发现或是有趣的地方。


Unlike many oth­er fash­ion blogs that share beau­ti­ful but gen­er­ally unaf­ford­able items, Audrey likes to share attain­able qual­ity pieces with her read­ers, and show how to mix and match them into a cur­rent, yet unique style. Oth­er than fash­ion looks, Ser­i­ously 棒 also fea­tures DIYs and favor­ite shops or cafes as reg­u­lar posts as well.

许多博客会分享好看但昂贵的物品,不过 Audrey 与他们不同。她比较喜欢分享一些好看并大众化价位的东西,也喜欢给大家看怎么去混搭,形成自己流行且独特的风格。除了分享搭配,她也另外会经常分享她的 DIY 经历以及她个人喜欢的店和咖啡厅。

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Most of the pho­tos on the blog are taken by her­self with a tri­pod and timer. Now you know, if ever you are won­der­ing why there is a girl set­ting up a mini shoot alone in the streets of Shang­hai, it’s prob­ably Audrey try­ing to get a couple of shots of her out­fit for Ins­tagram or the blog.

大部分在博客上的照片是 Audrey 自己用三脚架和计时器拍出来的。所以现在你们都知道秘密了,如果有一天在上海的路上碰到一个女生给自己拍照,很有可能这就是 Audrey 在拍她当天的衣着,想要发布到 Ins­tagram 或者博客上。

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Cur­rently based in Shang­hai, Audrey main­tains a demand­ing full-time job as a fash­ion buy­er for a large mul­ti-brand fash­ion com­pany, but enjoys work­ing on cre­at­ive side pro­jects and updat­ing her blog to keep inspired and motiv­ated.

目前 Audrey 住在上海,在一间大规模的多品牌买手店当买手。虽然这个工作已经让 Audrey 十分忙碌,不过她还是觉得参加一些额外的创意项目或者更新自己的博客会激发她的灵感,并使她更为振奋。

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