Jessica Rapp For Jing Daily : Modern Dazed, But Not Confused. Nowness China To Launch !

Digit­al media plat­form Now­ness already boasts a Chinese lan­guage site and social media accounts, but Mod­ern Media is now work­ing to launch an offi­cial Now­ness China as soon as Septem­ber. Jes­sica Rapp writes for Jing Daily.

“As digital platforms play an increasingly influential role in China’s luxury market, the country’s major industry players are exploring ways to incorporate it into wider consumer experiences.” Jessica Rapp reports for Jing Daily

Tem­per Magazine’s Trend­ing seg­ment casts a net upon all that is throw­ing tan­trums with­in the world of China Fash­ion across a vari­ety of glob­al sources. This very neces­sary seg­ment makes for a col­lec­tion of largely non-Tem­per Magazine-ori­gin­al con­tent dip­ping its toe into the deep indigo-dyed pool that is the ocean of Middle King­dom fash­ion­able aston­ish­ment.

We’re big fans of the Now­ness short­films and videos here at Tem­per Magazine and to back that up, just fol­low these vari­ous links — espe­cially the last one, entitled “Gods Of The Under­world” show­cases a whole new approach to mul­ti-culti fash­ion and retail. With this digit­al media platform’s Chinese lan­guage site and social media accounts plus pop­ular stream­ing ser­vices such as Youku firmly in place, the Mod­ern Media powers-that-be have now decided the time has come to launch an offi­cial Now­ness China as soon as Septem­ber 2017. Jes­sica Rapp writes for Jing Daily.

Jessica Rapp For Jing Daily: Modern Dazed, But Not Confused. Nowness China To Launch!
Jes­sica Rapp For Jing Daily : Mod­ern Dazed, But Not Con­fused. Now­ness China To Launch !
Now­ness “Lay Me Down” Short­film. Copy­right@Nowness

As digit­al plat­forms play an increas­ingly influ­en­tial role in China’s lux­ury mar­ket, the country’s major industry play­ers are explor­ing ways to incor­por­ate it into wider con­sumer exper­i­ences. That’s one goal media com­pany Mod­ern Dazed had in mind when it acquired a major­ity stake in Now­ness, a digit­al media plat­form that has been shap­ing con­sumer cul­ture since LVMH foun­ded it in 2010.

Mod­ern Dazed, a new joint ven­ture between Dazed Media and Mod­ern Media, which pub­lishes Mod­ern Weeky, Bloomberg Busi­nes­s­week, and sev­er­al oth­er titles, will be work­ing with K11 art mall founder and chair­man of Chow Tai Fook, Adri­an Cheng, who has been named vice chair­man and cre­at­ive advisor of Now­ness in the new ven­ture.
Dazed Media and LVMH had pre­vi­ously been oper­at­ing Now­ness under a joint ven­ture, but now LVMH has a minor­ity stake in the com­pany, while Mod­ern Dazed has big plans for it in China. Accord­ing to Mod­ern Media, this starts with an offi­cial Now­ness China launch and more loc­al­ized con­tent planned for Septem­ber.

“From the num­ber of re-posts [on social media], it’s clear that Now­ness films have been very pop­ular in China, so when we shared the news of this new col­lab­or­a­tion, it excited many lux­ury brands and many of our loy­al read­ers,” they said.

Cheng told Jing Daily that Now­ness has a “clear edge” in cre­at­ing China-focused con­tent in a lux­ury industry that’s influ­enced heav­ily by video and image-shar­ing.

“Now­ness is a breath of fresh air in the con­ges­ted con­tent industry in China,” he said. “With its cre­at­ive, art-driv­en con­tent, it dif­fer­en­ti­ates itself from the pack and that’s exactly what a lot of lux­ury brands look for.”

In keep­ing with the grow­ing exper­i­en­tial lux­ury trend, Mod­ern Dazed also has plans to take Now­ness off­line through a pro­ject with K11.


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Passionate about style and design, Jessica has been writing about China’s emerging independent fashion scene and the country’s creative industries since moving to Beijing in 2011. She spent two years covering the capital’s dynamic fashion world in depth as style editor of the Beijinger magazine and her work has also been published in Dwell, Design Sponge, Roads and Kingdoms, Melting Butter, and Artnet News. Follow Rapp on Twitter : @jrapppp
怀着对风格和设计的热情,Jessica 自从 2011 年移居到北京之后就开始报道有关中国新兴独立时尚和创意产业的发展。作为风格编辑在 the Beijinger 杂志工作的两年中,Jessica 深度报道首都时尚动态,她的文章曾被登载在 Dwell, Design Sponge, Roads and Kingdoms, Melting Butter, Artnet News 等杂志。关注 Rapp 在 Twitter 上的动态:@jrapppp
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