High Up North And Way Out East : Hannes Knutsson-Hall And The ANXT “106” Music Video

High Up North as in “Sveri­ge”; Way out East as in “Beijing”, that is. Vik­ing-blooded photographer/​slash/​documentarian Hå/​Hannes Knutsson-Hall dar­ingly freezes indi­vidu­als in every­day street set­tings.

Where­as his usu­al style of pho­to­graph­ing us ordin­ary folk res­ults in spon­tan­eous yet highly con­struc­ted images — medigs the con­tra­dict­ory nature of his works — Knutsson-Hall all the while man­ages to pre­serve an aspect of per­form­ativ­ity. The man does not dodge the looks from bey­ond the lens for fear of reveal­ing his own pho­to­graph­ing pres­ence. Jag gil­lar din stil, Sir Knutsson-Hall !

This time around, the film­maker turned his click­ing fin­gers to music as he dir­ec­ted and edited the latest music video for elec­tro band Anxt — set again­st the back­drop of Beijing’s very own dron­ing soundtrack. The “106” video was edited, shot and dir­ec­ted by  Knutsson-Hall in con­junc­tion with Bor­der­less.


Where Way Out West meets Way Out East. It’s tre­v­lig.



Music video for the single 106 by Anxt (via Vimeo)
Produced by Borderless and Anxt
Directed by Hannes Knutsson-Hall
Videography and editing by Hannes Knutsson-Hall
Follow this Beijing-residing Swede on Twitter @HannesKH or Instagram @hanneskh
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