FFIXXED Studios, Fall/Winter 2017


FFIXXED STUDIOS represents an ongoing approach to constructing creative working situations rather than reflecting any singular idea or current aesthetic. They explore different modes of production, individual styles and appropriated forms that respond to changing social and cultural environments. Together these creative strategies articulate the relationship between bodies, garments and their surrounding environments.

For FFIXXED STUDIOS the point is to make clothing and objects that adapt, respond to and inspire changing conditions for contemporary living.


设计结合艺术的 FFIXXED STUDIOS 工作室是一个由有着艺术家和设计师双重身份的 Kain Picken 和 Fiona Lau 共同创立。他们致力于男装和女装的成衣制作, 同时也参与设计与艺术的跨界合作活动。

FFIXXED STUDIOS 代表了一种持续的方法来构建创造性的工作环境,而不是反映任何奇异的想法或当前的审美。 他们探索不同的生产模式,个人风格和适应变化的社会和文化环境的适当形式。 这些创意战略一起阐明了身体,服装及其周围环境之间的关系。 对于 FFIXXED STUDIOS,关键是要使服装和物品适应,响应和激励当代生活的变化条件。

Text from Labelhood’s Official Website

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