The Dark Romance Between Fashion And Music : Shang Wenjie

Just a per­fect day to go back in time five years, re-hash some China fine fash­ion trivia and re-watch an oldie but good­ie : “Per­fect Night” by China’s Elec­tro Dame Shang Wenjie. This 2012 music video reveals some major Neo morph­ing, me gusta mucho Masha Ma and much more. It’s all about that dark romance.

Her 2012 video “Perfect Night” sees Shang perform a haunting tale of love and war wearing sculptural dresses by designer Masha Ma.

At times, or “at naus­ea”, referred to as that “Bad Romance” chanteuse of The East, Shang­hai-born Shang mixes steely elec­tron­ic beats with a deep and husky-yet-power­ful voice cre­at­ing a stark music­al con­trast between light and dark. She first found her­self top­ping the charts upon win­ning the 2006 edi­tion of China’s tele­vi­sion singing con­test “Super Girls”; in 2011, the then 29-year-old took home Music Radio’s Best Female Sing­er award to cement her place as China’s pop icon du dec­ade.

Hip to the fame game ever since, cov­er­age with a dark-cloud-lin­ing has some­times over­taken cre­at­ive cred­ib­il­ity with too much focus being placed on the super-facial side of the artist­ic per­sona Shang has cre­ated for and by her­self. The rumor mill sur­round­ing this song­stress has been churn­ing for a while now. Tales of her mul­tiple plastic sur­gery pro­ced­ures run rife, with Shang’s highly-beau­ty-filtered pic­tures being put through the metic­u­lous inspec­tion mech­an­isms of China’s social media and online fan com­munit­ies. Of vis­ibly high truth value these reports may very well be, Tem­per Magazine focuses on the Ulti­mate China Fash­ion Pro­mo­tor Shang undeni­ably has become — and shall remain. And “Per­fect Night” is a per­fect example.

Inspired by goth sub­cul­tures and the macab­re romance of Alex­an­der McQueen, the track appears on Shang’s album “Ode to Doom,” an album that takes both its cre­ateuse and listen­er on an explor­at­ive jour­ney through spir­itu­al­ity, love and death. In her video for “Per­fect Night,” dir­ec­ted by Cine­ma­to­grapher Theo Stan­ley, Shang per­forms, in her own words, “a haunt­ing tale of love and war, morph­ing into an eer­ie noc­turn­al creature envel­oped in smoke and flames emphas­ized by the sculp­tur­al dresses of design­er Masha Ma.”

A bona fide fash­ion muse, Shang has been work­ing with emer­ging Chinese design­ers, such as Cent­ral Saint Mar­tins gradu­ate Ma, since her rise to fame. “The white and black forms worked well for the com­pos­ite effects and provided a can­vas for the pris­mat­ic col­or pro­jec­tions,” says Stan­ley of Ma’s cre­ations. “I developed a visu­al treat­ment which focused on a com­bined lan­guage of prisms, crys­tals, smoke and fire ele­ments.”

Now watch and learn from this mohair-lov­ing minx. And always remem­ber the wis­dom of Sal­vador Dali : “Have no fear of per­fec­tion, you’ll nev­er reach it.”


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