DANSHAN, Fall/​Winter 2017


DAN­SHAN is an emer­ging menswear brand focus on their obser­va­tions of the way gender dynam­ics are chan­ging and how this relates to fash­ion.

DAN­SHAN is made up of a woman, Dan, from China and a man, Shan, from Hong Kong. After gradu­at­ing from the womenswear design course at Cent­ral Saint Mar­tins in 2012, the pair worked in fash­ion before decid­ing to start their own labels.


DAN­SHAN 试图通过时装向大家展示当代男性感性与细腻的一面。他们观察当今社会中的性别动态和变化,并寻找其与时装所存在的关联。

DAN­SHAN 由 Dan 和 Shan 于 2016 年 6 月共同创立。两位设计师在伦敦中央圣马丁共同研读女装设计时结识。在 Viktor&Rolf、 Gareth Pugh、Alexander McQueen 等时装品牌工作并取得经验后,他们找到共同想要发声的主题并达到了共识,继而在伦敦创立联名品牌。其设计灵感来自两人对不同观念及时事议题深入探讨的对话过程以及所得出的结论。

Text from Labelhood’s Offi­cial Web­site

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