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China Fash­ion Blog­gers was foun­ded with the mis­sion to intro­duce the world to the Chinese Fash­ion Sys­tem. We have cre­ated a con­veni­ent, cent­ral plat­form for blog­gers to share their point of view and to help cre­ate a more hol­ist­ic per­spect­ive of Chinese cre­ativ­ity for our glob­al audi­ence ; cur­rently CFB is the largest Eng­lish lan­guage resource focused on the Chinese fash­ion industry with 5000 stor­ies from the past 6 years cre­ated by more than a dozen con­trib­ut­ors.

CFB was foun­ded in 2011 by Timothy Par­ent and is cur­rently under­go­ing some major re-designs in order to provide our audi­ence with a bet­ter exper­i­ence. If you have any sug­ges­tions, com­ments, or ques­tions, please email us below :

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