Chinese Fashion Labels You Need to Be Watching Right Now

Fei­fei Yang SS17


China is under­go­ing a fash­ion (re)evolution.

The Main­land and sur­round­ing areas have their own unique sar­tori­al tra­di­tions that go back hun­dreds if not thou­sands of years, but fash­ion in a con­tem­por­ary sense star­ted in China in 1996, when the elu­sive Ma Ke estab­lished China’s first design­er brand Excep­tion de Mix­Mind.

Fast-for­ward 20 years and there is lit­er­ally an explo­sion of cre­ativ­ity hap­pen­ing around us. From one design­er to hun­dreds, there’s now an entire industry that has been built around design­er tal­ents.

There are more shows, present­a­tions and per­form­ances, events, show­rooms and tradeshows, and more indie and altern­at­ive run­ways than ever before. It’s not that more is neces­sar­ily bet­ter but it is at the least increas­ingly diverse.

But with approx­im­ately 70 fash­ion shows and present­a­tions, 10 show­rooms and tradeshows, and count­less events in Shang­hai alone you still need to sort through the noise. So here’s a roundup of my favor­ite parts of Fash­ion Week in Beijing and Shang­hai so you know what to look out for next sea­son.

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