Chinese Fashion Labels You Need to Be Watching Right Now

Feifei Yang SS17


China is undergoing a fashion (re)evolution.

The Mainland and surrounding areas have their own unique sartorial traditions that go back hundreds if not thousands of years, but fashion in a contemporary sense started in China in 1996, when the elusive Ma Ke established China’s first designer brand Exception de MixMind.

Fast-forward 20 years and there is literally an explosion of creativity happening around us. From one designer to hundreds, there’s now an entire industry that has been built around designer talents.

There are more shows, presentations and performances, events, showrooms and tradeshows, and more indie and alternative runways than ever before. It’s not that more is necessarily better but it is at the least increasingly diverse.

But with approximately 70 fashion shows and presentations, 10 showrooms and tradeshows, and countless events in Shanghai alone you still need to sort through the noise. So here’s a roundup of my favorite parts of Fashion Week in Beijing and Shanghai so you know what to look out for next season.

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