NLGX Spring Arrivals

“The Year of the Dragon has been pretty good so far, so we’re very excited to launch our brand new Paper Dragon and Water Dragon designs! Our very popular ChinaType tees (pictured) received a colour revamp in time for the London 2012 Olympics.…

Literally Wishing You “Gong Xi Fa CAI”, Greater China

It’s officially 2012 on the East Side!! The streets are littered with red paper and the people living here slightly more deaf than before, but China will be mostly cleaned by daybreak and people should mostly have their hearing back. It’s the auspicious Year of the Dragon, so nothing can dampen Chinese peoples’ spirits, especially since they are on holiday for the coming week and they get to light off many, many more fireworks.…

New Year’s Resolutions, from the US to the World

While still in America, I thought I’d take advantage of not being censored and put up these pictures of [1-heart] ‘graffiti’ I found while in Pudong:

I’m not making a resolution for a revolution, but rather just hoping that next year we will see a sartorial revolution in China… But that has to be started and finished by the people of China, and will be helped along by Chinese fashion designers and the development of the domestic industry.…

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    • pajama shorts
      pajama shorts

      l really love this pajama shorts, so easy and comfy, it’s such a great piece that i can wear at home and outside. Paired it with an orange tank top and a jacket with nice front.

      ( gifted grey jacket, random orange tank top, pajama shorts, ankle boots )


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