NLGX Spring Arrivals

tumblr m4cshuMyM91qe7qhh NLGX Spring Arrivals

The Year of the Dragon has been pretty good so far, so we’re very excited to launch our brand new Paper Dragon and Water Dragon designs! Our very pop­u­lar Chi­naType tees (pic­tured) received a colour revamp in time for the Lon­don 2012 Olympics.…

Literally Wishing You “Gong Xi Fa CAI”, Greater China

It’s offi­cially 2012 on the East Side!! The streets are lit­tered with red paper and the peo­ple liv­ing here slightly more deaf than before, but China will be mostly cleaned by day­break and peo­ple should mostly have their hear­ing back. It’s the aus­pi­cious Year of the Dragon, so noth­ing can dampen Chi­nese peo­ples’ spir­its, espe­cially since they are on hol­i­day for the com­ing week and they get to light off many, many more fireworks.…

New Year’s Resolutions, from the US to the World

While still in Amer­ica, I thought I’d take advan­tage of not being cen­sored and put up these pic­tures of [1-heart] ‘graf­fiti’ I found while in Pudong:

 New Year’s Resolutions, from the US to the World

I’m not mak­ing a res­o­lu­tion for a rev­o­lu­tion, but rather just hop­ing that next year we will see a sar­to­r­ial rev­o­lu­tion in China… But that has to be started and fin­ished by the peo­ple of China, and will be helped along by Chi­nese fash­ion design­ers and the devel­op­ment of the domes­tic industry.…

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    • The Fate of Cable 8
      The Fate of Cable 8

      tumblr m1wl05gpYj1qe7qhh The Fate of Cable 8

      Cable 8 was once a cre­ative hub sit­u­ated in Beijing’s CBD. I vaguely remem­ber stum­bling upon the space dur­ing my first year in China; unfor­tu­nately, I never made it back. All that now remains of the once-dynamic cre­ative cen­ter is a pile of rub­ble.…