Ideaworks Synthesis Design Research Institute

The first nonprofit ‘civil design research organisation’ in China, Ideaworks Synthesis Design Research Institute formally announced its establishment on the afternoon of 15 April 2012 at Cafe Copy, Today Art Museum.

Mi Shijie and Zhang Zijian, founders of the Ideaworks Synthesis Design Research Institute, expressed their hope to [allow] Chinese people to design something of their own and to bring Chinese-style visual sensations to the Chinese people.…


Set up by Robert Bernell, Timezone8 is an art & design bookstore/café located in 798, Beijing. “The instore publishing schedule produces an impressive 22 titles and includes the work of luminaries such as Cai Guo-Qiang and Wang Guangyi. Recent collaborative projects with art publishing giants like Steidl, and a distribution network spanning London, New York, Amsterdam and Hong Kong, have assured Timezone8’s place among the most important publishers of Chinese [creative] books”.…

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    • love this AA coat
      love this AA coat

      super love this American Apparel coat, love the loose way, so simple and easy.  it just makes me happy wearing it. still busy with the work thing, but it will be over soon.

      (american apparel coat, h&m skirt, vintage bag )