Droog Copies China

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The exhi­bi­tion has already passed, but the ideas brought forth are still very relevant:

Dutch design col­lec­tive Droog will turn the notion of piracy in China on its head by unveil­ing its own copies of Chi­nese objects in a Guangzhou shop­ping centre.…

Shao Zi

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EDGE Cre­ative Col­lec­tive illus­tra­tor, Shao Zi, just grad­u­ated from BIFT. The fol­low­ing is his lat­est works for grad­u­a­tion”. Con­tinue read­ing.

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Estab­lished in 2006, and fea­tur­ing design­ers such Zhang Chao, Zhang Bin and Zhang Huimin, Cre­at­ife is a small col­lec­tive that researches, devel­ops and pro­duces high-quality design prod­ucts con­cep­tu­alised by fresh tal­ent. The team often col­lab­o­rate with young, Chi­nese cre­atives to help them nur­ture their own brand; they have also part­nered with National Art Museum of China (NAMOC), Today Art Museum, +86 Design Store and UCCA (amongst oth­ers) to develop over 45 retail out­lets across Bei­jing, and fea­ture an exten­sive range of prod­ucts on Taobao themselves.…


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Based in the heart of Shanghai’s French Con­ces­sion, Xin­dan­wei (mean­ing ‘new work unit’) “min­gles, cat­alyzes and sup­ports star­tups and inno­va­tors in China and around the world. [They] cre­ate com­mu­nity work­spaces, facil­i­tate cre­ativ­ity, shar­ing and col­lab­o­ra­tion, and co-develop new mod­els and meth­ods with world-changing potential”.…