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New 2013 collection by Suzhou Cobblers. Via BNC.…

BNC Event

Last week, BNC held a rather extravagant event at Gehua (home to many creative firms and organisations such as Beijing Design Week). The event was attended by many high flyers, including Huang Yichuan and even Hong Huang herself. We hope to catch up with Hong Huang soon; meanwhile, please enjoy our friends’ blurry snaps!…

Brand New China

Publisher of iLOOK magazine, blogger and tireless promoter of home-grown Chinese design, Hong Huang probably needs no introduction to most. Her store, Brand New China (or BNC, situated in Sanlitun Village North in Beijing) specialises in designs by up-and-coming domestic designers and is “among a handful of Beijing boutiques that cater to the burgeoning demand from more adventurous shoppers…many of whom are looking for something beyond low-end Chinese brands or higher-end Western brands that dominate the market”.…

Chinese Fashion News Update!

I finally had a bit of time to finish up the Chinese Fashion News section, although there are some stories I haven’t put up yet but will get to soon… But I hope you find this both informative and useful for the time being, and I would love some tips on other good sources for Chinese Fashion News!…

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      Ms MARY CHING had the great pleasure to meet artist Christina Shmigel this weekend at the relaunch of Glamour bar, on the bund. Owner michelle Garnaut is known for her good taste in furnishing M on the Bund and Glamour Bar so it should be no surprise that her taste in art was as remarkable.…