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[没边/boundless] is a fashion brand established by designer Da Zhang in early 2005. The Boundless studio was set up in Shanghai, concentrating on designing, producing and selling conceptual yet functional womenswear. Currently Boundless is available in boutiques all around China, from Beijing to Shanghai to Chengdu. [没边/boundless] is devoted to exploring the possibilities of fashion design through different ideas and design approaches. The designs are made to challenge the laziness of both designers and the customers by raising unexpected questions. It is hoped that both designers and customers can break through traditional limits and perceived boundaries to try something different.

[没边/boundless] 品牌由服装设计师张达创建于 2005 年初。没边的工作室设在上海,设计,生产,销售女装产品。目前通过北京,上海,成都,广州,长沙等地的买手店销售。[没边/boundless] 的设计和产品,希望通过不同主题,设计方式等的尝试,来尝试设计和服装的可能性,和穿着的乐趣。并通过提出不同的问题来挑战设计师和穿着者都有的日常生活中的惰性,希望借此让设计者和穿着者都可以不断突破自己的界限,尝试更多有趣的,未曾尝试的东西。


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Travel + Leisure

A slightly mysterious designer, Zhang Da came into the international spotlight when he designed the first collection for the Hermès-backed Chinese luxury brand Shang Xia. Zhang Da’s own brand Boundless has a cult following. The experimental label has deceptively simple clothing that mixes the aesthetic of Martin Margiela with references to China’s revolutionary history, philosophy and culture.

The Beijinger

If you haven’t heard of Zhang Da before, who could blame you? He’s earned himself a reputation for being one of China’s most mysterious designers. The fashion community can only speculate on his character via his unique design techniques, as illustrated by his own label Boundless (“Meibian” 没边). More recently, he was also enlisted to design for Hermes’ up-and-coming China-based label Shang Xia.

Though his atelier is located in Shanghai, he flew down to Beijing to lead a four-part design series at 798’s Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA). It all began in early July when he headed a student workshop at the Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology, then concluded with a “fashion show” last Sunday, August 15 which previewed his Fall/Winter 2010 collection.

The UCCA press release claims that there are “no flashing lights, pounding disco beats, high-concept designs, or willowy models.” But we didn’t need to read that to understand that this was no ordinary fashion show. No entrance fees? Free to the public? Real people as models? It felt and looked different from all the other shows we’ve ever attended.

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Global Times

It wasn’t exactly what you could call a fashion show. The warehouse-like hall at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) had no flashing lights, pulsing music, fashion industry people or willowy models. The only objects present were out-dated pieces of furniture commonly seen in China during the 1980s arranged in the middle of the cavernous hall.

As a mulling crowd swelled in size I make sure to check my invitation again and it said, in fact, that I was meant to be standing in the middle of a fashion show, specifically, the Zhang Da Boundless Clothes Exhibition. Everyone present was chatting and laughing like at a family gathering, drinking sodas from small glass bottles and tea from enamel mugs. It was as if we had all stepped back in time to 30 years ago.

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