Born in SF


BRIX­TON hat / TOP­SHOP sweat­er / OLD NAVY jeans


I was so honored to be chosen to par­ti­cip­ate in SKYY Vodka’s #Born­InSF cam­paign <3

For those of you unaware, I’m a true San Fran­cis­co nat­ive, born and raised. (Well, tech­nic­ally I was “raised” in Hillsborough/​San Mateo, but I spent the first two years of my life in the Out­er Sun­set before my par­ents moved us to the ‘burbs.) I’ve always known how lucky I was to live in the Bay Area, but this feel­ing was only rein­forced the more time I spent away from my homet­own (first at Smith Col­lege in Northamp­ton, MA, where I froze my butt off every win­ter ; and then in Beijing, China, where pol­lu­tion was a very real part of daily life, and farm­ers’ mar­kets and burritos were a scarcity).

To see what I had to say about SF to SKYY Vodka, you can vis­it their Ins­tagram here.

And below, in no par­tic­u­lar order, are 10 reas­ons why I love SF :

  • The weather. The tem­per­at­ure nev­er really drops below 45 degrees, or goes above 75 degrees (except in rare cir­cum­stances), so it’s like liv­ing in a city with fall weather all year-round.
  • And because it nev­er gets hot enough, there are very few creepy bugs. Although I see the occa­sion­al cock­roach or spider, it’s noth­ing like what I encountered in Beijing or even in NYC.
  • The easy access to farm­ers’ mar­kets and organ­ic, sus­tain­ably grown pro­duce.
  • The abund­ance of good eats and drinks from a vari­ety of cuisines, from Viet­namese to Mex­ic­an to new Amer­ic­an.
  • The city’s his­tory of coun­ter­cul­ture and pro­gressiv­ism, which lends it its refresh­ing weird­ness, but also its col­lect­ive desire to enact pos­it­ive change. (You can still see its hip­pie roots all around us, espe­cially on Haight Street.)
  • Our prox­im­ity to the ocean, which means we have clean air (some­thing I don’t take for gran­ted since liv­ing in Beijing) and no short­age of fresh and cheap oysters.
  • Our prox­im­ity to the out­doors, like Muir Woods and Point Reyes (you can read my guide to Point Reyes in my blog post here). San Fran­cis­cans are con­stantly going hik­ing on the week­ends and gen­er­ally espous­ing a healthy mind­set about exer­cise, which in turn inspires me to be more act­ive.
  • Also, our prox­im­ity to wine coun­try, includ­ing Sono­ma, Napa and Healds­burg. We are just a 45-minute drive away from world-class winer­ies galore.
  • And of course, the people. My fam­ily and friends I grew up with are all here, but bey­ond that, most San Fran­cis­cans are friendly, easy­going and have a social con­science.

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