China’s Plans for Its Own Car Brands Stall

On September 1, 2012 by simon

bjc90 01 495x330 China’s Plans for Its Own Car Brands Stall

Chi­nese automak­ers are los­ing ground to their for­eign com­peti­tors, despite three decades of part­ner­ships with for­eign automak­ers to exchange mar­ket access for tech­nol­ogy. Domes­tic car buy­ers still per­ceive Chi­nese auto brands as infe­rior and less desir­able to for­eign brands. While domes­tic auto com­pa­nies, such as BAIC and Bril­liance China Auto­mo­tive Hold­ings, have hired top for­eign design­ers to give their prod­ucts a design boost, the strat­egy has not yet yielded improve­ments in brand per­cep­tions and mar­ket share. For now, the core busi­ness for Chi­nese automak­ers is to con­tinue man­u­fac­tur­ing their for­eign part­ners’ products.

Read the full story from Businessweek.

 China’s Plans for Its Own Car Brands Stall

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