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On August 9, 2012 by Design China

Jamy Yang is the kind of designer China needs. And the good that Yang does for China will be good for the rest of the world. Strong-minded, talented and homegrown designers like Yang offer the best chance for an emerging and unique Chinese design industry that can shake off the creative shackles of piracy, improve their global reputation and obviate international copyright lawsuits”. Via Core77.

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    • lazy pink
      lazy pink

      Photographer: Saskia Wilson
      Stylist: Bree McDonald
      Hair and Makeup: Corinna Wilmshurst for YSL
      Model: Teresa @ The Agency
      其實我很少看Fashion Gone Rogue,純粹是因為我一向對模特不太感興趣,而且有很多大片都不太合我口味。不過工作關係要上去搜大片,第一眼就看到這套Teresa by Saskia Wilson for Fashion Gone Rogue的In The Pink的大片,第一感覺就是可愛死了。雖然片名比較普通,不過我個人比較傾向於把粉色形容成慵懶的,活潑的粉色安靜下來,在模特的演繹下變得慵懶起來。第一張像打哈欠的照片是我最喜歡的,很有趣也讓人覺得很舒服,而且她身上的衣服也是我喜歡的款式。我總覺得這是一套文藝女青年的大片,當然裏面用到的衣服都是我喜歡的品牌居多,有Carven、Marni、Something Else等。相比起其他大片來說,我反倒喜歡這種簡單的。

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