Li Zifei (Part 2)

On August 23, 2012 by Design China

tumblr m96vvuFvTw1qe7qhh Li Zifei (Part 2)

Part 2 of Li Zifei’s Six Chairs, Six Sto­ries. The young designer will be relo­cat­ing to The Nether­lands soon to par­take in a post­grad­u­ate Social Design course. We would like to wish her good luck with the move!

tumblr m96va3cuGl1qe7qhh Li Zifei (Part 2)

tumblr m96vdqrFjf1qe7qhh Li Zifei (Part 2)

tumblr m96vibanH51qe7qhh Li Zifei (Part 2)

tumblr m96vk5rK1p1qe7qhh Li Zifei (Part 2)

tumblr m96vlu40vR1qe7qhh Li Zifei (Part 2)

tumblr m96vmtIdV71qe7qhh Li Zifei (Part 2)

tumblr m96vphSloZ1qe7qhh Li Zifei (Part 2)

tumblr m96vq4RstZ1qe7qhh Li Zifei (Part 2)

tumblr m96vrkRX2Y1qe7qhh Li Zifei (Part 2)

tumblr m96vskKPFH1qe7qhh Li Zifei (Part 2)

tumblr m96vtjg1Vh1qe7qhh Li Zifei (Part 2)

tumblr m96vullOiN1qe7qhh Li Zifei (Part 2)

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