Art Village: A Year in Caochangdi

On August 29, 2012 by Design China

Caochangdi is a micro­cosm of 21st-century China. Rural migrants come from the provinces — his­toric Hubei, impov­er­ished Anhui, sub­trop­i­cal Sichuan — in search of oppor­tu­nity in the big cities, but a lack of mar­ketable skills and the inabil­ity to gain an urban hukou, or res­i­dency sta­tus, limit their access to hous­ing and pre­vent them from obtain­ing social ser­vices like edu­ca­tion and health care. They can’t afford to live in the expen­sive new neigh­bour­hoods in the cen­ter, so they live on the mar­gins, where they remain in a legal gray zone until money and luck run out, or the demo­li­tion trucks roll in”. Con­tinue read­ing.

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