Tulou Open House (Part 2)

On July 3, 2012 by Design China

A continuation of Part 1: “The initial residency period will see a core group of creatives and academics living in the tulou alongside the remaining local residents, where they will perform research, develop original projects, and collaborate across disciplines of architecture, design, art, theater, film, anthropology, history, and preservation. The event will culminate in a public Open House event on the weekend of 8-10 June, which is open to visitors and the local community alike. It will feature a program of talks, screenings, workshops, performances, guided tours, and artistic interventions. Guests are also encouraged to explore the nearby town, the waterfall/nature reserve, tea fields, rice paddies, mountain villages and the other tulou in the area, including the UNESCO-designated tulou clusters which are several minutes’ driving distance away”.

More soon.

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