Paper Tiger x Tranquil Tuesdays

On June 24, 2012 by Design China

Paper Tiger and Tranquil Tuesdays have partnered up to bring you the ultimate combo: “Tranquil Tuesday’s unique Chinese tea and teaware gift sets wrapped in Paper Tiger’s eye-catching, one-of-a-kind, Chinese-inspired gift wrapping paper.

Both [enterprises] are based full-time in China and seek to present a fresh vision of a Chinese design aesthetic. We each celebrate ancient Chinese designs, motifs, and traditions…informed by the vibrant modern cities we live in”. Find out more.

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    • suit us a lot
      suit us a lot

      最近迷上玩Pinterest,搜集很多圖片,無意中看到Julia Frakes轉了上排右邊那張就喜歡得不得了,自己也轉了,隨後就找到了這個叫做you must create的品牌,裏面有個板塊叫get the look,正好看看這個品牌如何。這是一個成立於1995年的英國品牌,果然衣服都很有這個味道,其中我挑了四張,因為各自都可以成為情侶裝,並且很適合我和我男友~看來目前只有關於他和我,才能讓我興奮起來。

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