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On May 3, 2012 by Design China

If you’re looking for a fun exhibition experience, Maker Carnival 2012 @ CMoDA (China Millennium Monument Museum of Digital Arts) should be on the top of your list. At the preview on 29 April, Design China’s Lynn Zhang had quite an enjoyable experience. Here are her highlights.

1) Sketch Chair (an open-source IKEA store)
Designed by Greg Saul, the Sketch Chair program allows anybody to take part in the process of designing and building their own digitally-fabricated chairs. At the exhibition, try sketching your own chair and you’ll receive a small cardboard sample.

2) Running with Mario
Help Mario save Princess Peach on a treadmill! Isn’t that the perfect work-out plan? Combining a treadmill, a sensory control system and a PC, the installation makes it possible to experience this classic game through body movement.

3) Sound Mountain
The visualisation of sound has been favoured by many media artists/designers lately, and it was exciting to see such work from local design studio, Hibanana. At CMoDA, they’re presenting a music video called Sound Mountain, generated from DJ Elvis T’s latest work.

4) Light Bots
Light, time and memory form this strangely interesting installation: a camera captures the light as the audience enters the room and the photosensitive material forms a picture by recording the instantaneous flicker, much like a memory. After a while, the picture disappears for the LED screen to be prepared for a new picture.

Also on show are mold decorations, motion-sensor toilet paper, 3D printers and more than 50 other interactive innovations; until 12 May.

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