MAD Travel Fellowship 2012

On May 14, 2012 by Design China

“The MAD Travel Fellowship was launched by MAD Architects in 2009 to provide Mainland Chinese students with the opportunity to travel abroad and research an architectural topic of their choosing. It is only through travel – the visceral experience of walking into a space – that one can begin to understand the full context and meaning of architecture.

This year, 5 students will have the opportunity to travel for 7-10 days in their city or region of choice for independent study. Following their trip, the students will give a public presentation of their experience”. Applications due 30 June. Click for details.

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      Stella McCartney的Resort系列更讓人喜歡,就像一個花園派對似的,去年的Resort已經吸引很多人眼球了,也得到了很多人的喜愛,今年的也不例外。比起官方發佈LOOKBOOK似的圖,我個人更喜歡花園派對的圖,讓模特穿著此系列在花園中吃喝玩樂嬉戲唱遊,讓來賓感受到春天歡快的氣氛,也讓來賓見識到此系列的實用性和突出Resort的度假風格。
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