On May 8, 2012 by Design China

Established in 2006, and featuring designers such Zhang Chao, Zhang Bin and Zhang Huimin, Creatife is a small collective that researches, develops and produces high-quality design products conceptualised by fresh talent. The team often collaborate with young, Chinese creatives to help them nurture their own brand; they have also partnered with National Art Museum of China (NAMOC), Today Art Museum, +86 Design Store and UCCA (amongst others) to develop over 45 retail outlets across Beijing, and feature an extensive range of products on Taobao themselves.

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      BLK DNM leather vest, Uniqlo J+ puffer jacket, Uniqlo wool sweater, Converse Chuck Taylors and Alexander Wang Rockie bag.

      Still trying to find “cool” ways of layering key winter items to keep the cold Shanghai air from gracing my delicate Chinese skin (err…) and so far all outfits include my super important, super useful and super insulating Uniqlo J+ puffer.

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