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I recently had a conversation with dear friend Sam, who was raving to me non-stop about a publication called Kinfolk Magazine. I haven’t had a chance to look at it properly, but from the outside the design aesthetic is amazing. This video that you see above is one of their many videos, and shows the level of thought that is put into the filming, planning and editing process. Oh, and also while we are on the topic of Sam, make sure to check out her blog post on bringing compassion back to the fashion industry. Thought-invoking read indeed!Hippocrates has been credited as saying “let food be thy medicine”. At a time when obesity is rising, one of the biggest culprits out there is sugar. Now readily available, the substance is ultra-processed until it appears eerily white and powdery. Such is the damning results of sugar that recently an article was posted by the Vancouver Sun that sugar, just like alcohol, should be a controlled substance. I personally would not mind such an idea.

With the number of delicacies and new food products that are come out all the time with exciting new flavors and ingredients, its tough to keep up with it all! Enter companies like Foodzie, where you can pay a set amount of money and let the company help you choose what goodie basket you receive! Quarterly does more or less the same thing, but for non-food related items.

Two weeks ago, I had the privilege of meeting someone from the magnificent publication of Montecristo Magazine. Talking to them about the publication and my utmost respect to a print publication that focuses on the craft, heritage and timelessness of Canadian products, I was reminded of an article I had read earlier about Japanese Sake grown and adapted for Canada.

Lastly, as Kale chips become all the rage in North America, I urge you all not to forget the lovely beet! In such a deep and succulent red color, you will find the recipe here (accompanied by beautiful photography of course!)

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