Peter Marino Interview for the Business of Fashion

On October 9, 2011 by Timothy Coghlan

Chanel Designer Karl Lager­feld and Peter Marino. Source: Asso­ci­ated Press

While in New York two weeks ago I had the for­tu­nate oppor­tu­nity to inter­view Peter Marino for the Busi­ness of Fash­ion. Peter Marino is an amaz­ing retail archi­tect and has designed stores for the world’s lead­ing fash­ion and lux­ury brands. Over the last sev­eral years he has been par­tic­u­larly active in China and Hong Kong, design­ing the biggest and best flag­ship stores for Chanel, Dior, Fendi, Loewe, Louis Vuit­ton and Ermenegildo Zegna etc., includ­ing sev­eral of the stores I listed in the best look­ing lux­ury stores in Shang­hai. Peter Marino also served on the design judg­ing panel for Crys­tals City Cen­ter which I believe is the coolest lux­ury brand mall in the world. He is known in the indus­try for rid­ing Harley David­son motor­bikes and not both­er­ing to change out of his leathers when in the office.

For the full Busi­ness of Fash­ion piece on Peter Marino click here.

Peter Marino Designed Chanel and LV Flag­ship Stores on Can­ton Road in Hong Kong

Peter Marino Designed Dior Flag­ship Store on Can­ton Road in Hong Kong

Peter Marino Designed Louis Vuit­ton Lon­don New Bond Street Store

Inte­rior of Louis Vuitton’s New York 5th Avenue Store

Peter Marino Designed Chanel Tokyo Ginza Flag­ship Store. Source: Google

Peter Marino Designed Zegna Shang­hai Huai Hai Road Flag­ship Store.

Peter Marino Designed Zegna Hong Kong Can­ton Road Flag­ship Store.

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