Tory Burch Takes On China

On May 20, 2011 by Timothy Coghlan

Tory Burch Poses With Models After Her Hong Kong Fashion Show

Synonymous with New York, socialite glamour and slippers Tory Burch officially launched her brand in China with a fashion show (see video) and party at The Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong last Friday May 13.

Chinese domestic and international media are mandated to operate out of Beijing and of late most fashion brands have also hosted their events in Beijing to be sure of attracting the right media. For Tory Burch, choosing Hong Kong to launch the brand was an interesting step and maybe more in line with launching the brand in the Greater Asia for which Hong Kong provides a better platform. In any case, the event was attended by China Vogue Chief Editor Angelica Cheung, and a host of Chinese and Hong Kong celebrities including super model Du Juan and singer Kelly Chen.

The event was timed to coincide with the opening of the Tory Burch Flagship Store in Beijing.  Facing extremely tough competition for retail space the brand managed to secure a prime location on the 2nd floor of Beijing’s Shin Kong Place. Since late 2010 Tory Burch also has a store in Hong Kong’s IFC mall and plans for a flagship store in Shanghai and other stores across China are well under way.

Described as a ‘preppy-bohemium-luxe’ brand, Tory Burch offers fashion and accessories in rich colors and often embossed with her golden ‘T’ logo. The brand will offer Chinese consumers a more distinct and American fashion option to the European luxury brands that dominate China at the moment.  The brand already has some traction in China following her appearances on the US TV show Gossip Girl, which is a highly popular amongst Chinese female college students who watch the program to study English.  Proof of the brand’s popularity can also be seen through the abundance of pirated Tory Burch products in the markets throughout China and although this is to the detriment of the brand it does prove the demand for Tory’s designs. Hopefully for the brand, now that the real products are available in China many consumers will switch and purchase the real thing.

Tory Burch Fashion Show in Hong Kong

Tory Burch Hong Kong Store in IFC Mall

Tory Burch Beijing Store in Shin Kong Place

Tory Burch Beijing Store in Shin Kong Place

Interior of Tory Burch’s Beijing Store

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