On January 31, 2011 by MARY CHING GIRLS

MARY CHING friend and Gallerist Elisabeth De Brabant is featured in Harper’s Bazaar’s February issue and our jaws dropped to the floor when we saw just how smoking hot this mother of two looks all dolled up. She wore her MARY CHING Sissy stilettos for one of the shots and looks like a 1930s movie star as she poses on the staircase of her beautiful French Concession villa. We are officially jealous!



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      miu miu girl

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      Miu Miu作為貴價少女路線品牌,爲了儘量掩蓋自己貴價的單一形象,2011秋冬就找了Hailee Steinfeld來代言,當時廣告一下驚豔了所有人,雖然找小女孩來代言引來挺多爭議,但是當時的廣告已經很成功了。2012春夏就找了同樣很少女味道的Mia Wasikowska,畢竟今年是好萊塢八零后新生代女星的天下,雖然廣告里的妝容有點老氣,但是服飾仍保留少女式的印花,但多了點復古味,廣告才曝光幾個月,廣告的覆蓋率和影響力還未知,只能期待最後Mia和Miu Miu這次的廣告能否給人留下深刻印象了。

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